Welcome to Dynamic Listening

Dynamic Listening is an approach to healing and growth developed by Massimilla M. Harris, PhD over three decades. Dr. Harris has worked to bring the experience and wisdom of Dr. C. G. Jung’s psychology together with the powers of healing and growth stimulated through our bodies in the work of Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis.

Dr. Tomatis discovered that how we hear life, beginning in utero and moving forward through our growth cycles, effects how we experience life, ourselves, and is instrumental in the development of our  self-concepts. Whether we begin our lives in fear, distrust, anxiety, or depression is effected by what we hear and what we try not to hear Dr. Tomatis discovered. Feeling love, a deep trust in life, and our ability to feel affirmed and fulfilled in life is also deeply influenced by what we hear and where necessary can be profoundly healed and developed through the listening programs of Dr. Tomatis.

According to Dr. C. G. Jung hearing a person’s story until we know what it is like to be in their shoes is the beginning of healing and removing blocks to living in psychotherapy and Jungian analysis. Listening is a key to healing and growth, through the body in the Tomatis method and through the psyche in Dr. Jung’s individuation process. Both methods work together to help free us from the wounds and strictures of our pasts and to open us to the unrealized and often unseen potentials within us. Both methods work together to help us increase our self-awareness and the consciousness that can lead us into the experience of a greater version of ourselves while increasing our capacity to give and receive love.