About Dr. Massimilla Harris

Early in my career, after earning my PhD in Psychology, I was working with children with emotional and learning disabilities and as part of my training I went to Paris and study the Tomatis method and met Dr. Alfred Tomatis. As the years passed I went to Zurich (Switzerland) to do the necessary post doctoral training to become a diplomate Jungian Psychoanalyst and for several decades I have practiced as a Jungian Analyst. In the last two years I have renewed my interest in the work of Dr. Tomatis and how it can be of additional benefit and stimulus to growth and healing with the adults that I now work with.

In many cases I have found that the Solisten version of the Tomatis treatment helps people focus, regain energy, relieve worry and depression, and free childhood blockages in a way that deepens and energizes their other analytic and psychotherapeutic work. In addition, many of the people I have worked with from a variety of circumstances, have found the Solisten program healing, transforming, and that it opens a pathway to new potentials. My enthusiasm for combining these methods and the Solisten system originated from the experiences of my husband and I as we underwent personally the Tomatis and the Solisten treatments and combined them with our years of Jungian analysis. I then found that the people I worked with in a number of different life circumstances, benefited immensely.