My Practice

In my practice as a Jungian Analyst the work with each person is unique and highly individual. The process has as its foundation the relationship that evolves while the person I am seeing gets to know me better and as I get to know them and listen to their story. The direction of our work together emerges from this foundation and follows the needs and desires of the person working with me. Frequency of visits and the length of time we work together depends upon the individual needs and potentials that we uncover together. It usually takes from one to five meetings as we are getting to know each other and deciding how to proceed.

Frequently people find it most helpful to come once a week. But this can vary with individuals. And, sometimes because of time and distance we may find it effective to work by phone. Because of the highly individual and personal nature of this work it is always best to start out face to face.

In my Solisten practice I want to remind you that the Solisten is a small portable device to use at home. It provides a passive listening experience that changes our listening pattern and effects our brain and nervous system.

The program begins after the completion of our evaluation materials and a one hour interview, face to face.

The Solisten program consists of a minimum of 60 hours of listening, divided in a first phase of 15 days, each day of 2 hours listening to the filtered music of Mozart and/or Gregorian chants. This first phase is followed by a period of rest of 3 to 6 weeks. After this, there is a second period of listening, this for another 15 days to complete the total 60 hours program.

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