Things are doing well (after 4th session). I am feeling benefits already. My fiddle tone has miraculously improved and I am experiencing a sense of well being and my motivation seems better. I feel stronger emotionally and more mentally alert. What more could I ask for?
Female, musician,  age 43
After completing the Solisten program, my mind and body felt cleansed, cleared out. I feel more insightful and comfortable in my own skin. I have a confidence that I didn’t have before. I feel surer of myself. I anticipate other rewards as the changes continue to solidify.
Female, age 50
I wanted to let you know that I have more energy than ever and I do my daily routine with pleasure. My mind is starting to open up with ideas about my business and how I want to re-invent myself as a professional. In fact, there are many thoughts and plans that have been coming to mind about my life in general. My dreams of dreary rain on dark days (actual dreams) have transformed into exhilarating Spring time. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I have felt this, if ever. I am calm, yet energized. My mind is uncluttered. I want to move my body, and I have. Thank you for Solisten, which has opened up my ears so that I can really hear your guidance to “listen” to myself for the first time.
Female, age 48
My son (age12) keeps texting me from his cell phone after he’s done about how much he’s read,  He can’t believe how much he has read. He finished the book in three sessions of the Solisten and each time he bragged to me about how much he read. I pointed out to him how I read faster and write faster when listening to the Solisten and he agreed. Kind of cool, huh?
Male, age 12
I experienced my first concrete positive result. My hand, as usual, was weak, but what I noticed was I wrote an entire page without making any mistakes., my handwriting was much neater, and each line of writing was straight. That’s big deal for me because over the last couple of years writing has become constantly (as if I’ve forgotten how to make the letters, complete the letters, etc)  I immediately shared that with my sons!
Female with MS, age 43
I feel more focused and able to deal with life's challenges. I also have a renewed sense of hope and possibility for my life. I don't feel stuck in the same patterns anymore. For much of my life I have had a nagging feeling of depression surrounding me, but now I feel like I can get beyond it. It doesn't mean that life is perfect; I just don't feel that despair anymore.
Female, age 42